Our Crest

We are quite frequently asked about the symbolism behind our crest. Our crest was designed in 2013 and has been recently modernised as part of a re-brand in 2017.

RUCA has adopted a shield to demonstrate the purpose of the Association as a defence of conservatism on the university campus – a traditionally left-wing environment! It is split diagonally into two halves, representing our support for the Conservative Party and for a “small-c” conservative outlook as a whole. It has been argued that the two do not always support the same policies and goals!

Three crowns symbolise the three locations of our activities: on campus, in the local constituencies and the country as a whole. Respectively, these might be seen as running a university campaign (such as extending the library opening hours); supporting the activities of our local MP by promoting his work to the wider student and residential community; and joining the national conservative campaign at general election time.

The chosen symbols are crowns to show our steadfast support of the British constitutional monarchy, a founding principle of the Association.