Full Membership – FREE

Available to all current students at the University of Reading on undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. Full members are able to vote and stand in elections in addition to accessing member-only events and socials.

Full membership is free, but you must register via our RUSU society page for each year of your degree to join. You also need to sign up to our mailing list to get society news and event invites, you can do so here.

Associate Membership – £5 annually

Available to anyone who is not a student at the University of Reading. This is usually taken up by former students or other young local conservatives who wish to stay in touch with the Association and attend our events. We welcome all with an interest in our Association to join as an associate member.

Associate members have the same rights as normal members, except they have no voting rights within the society and may not stand for election.

To join as an associate member, visit our RUSU society page.

Conservative Party Membership – £5 (Under 23s)

By joining in the above levels of membership, you do not become a member of the Conservative & Unionist Party. If you wish to become a full party member you must sign up separately. We will soon be able to offer party membership options on our website, but for now sign up as a member via the Party website.

Full members of the Party get exclusive rights, such as voting in leadership elections, attending the annual conference and submitting ideas at Conservative Policy Forum sessions.