The Committee runs the Association and is the highest level of governance mandated by the Constitution (Clause 6.) It comprises of the Executive Officers , any co-opted officers and all honorary officers.

The Executive Committee are elected annually and are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Association. They meet several times a term privately.

The Committee meets once a year at the Annual General Meeting and at any other times as required by the President. Full Committee meetings are open to all members. These often proceed events or socials and are a good way for members to hold officers to account and to find out about future plans for the Association.

The current Executive Committee was elected on Tuesday 21st March 2017.

Executive Officers (2018/19)

President - Harry Stewart |

The President is responsible for the overall management of the Association, they chair committee meetings and other events as well as being the main face of the society both on campus and off.

Harry is a third year Law student and has previously served as the social media and blogs officer (2017-2018). He is a keen campaigner for the party and feels right at home on the doorstep canvassing residents. 

Vice President - Harry Burch

The Vice President assists the President in their duties and acts as a deputy when the President cannot attend an event or meeting. In addition to this, the Vice President is also responsible to the day-to-day running of the Association's social media accounts.


Secretary - Tom Oldham |

The Secretary is responsible for managing all internal and external communications for the society in addition to maintaining the membership list and minutes of all meetings.

Tom is a second year Politics and International Relations student. He got into politics by accident in sixth form and has never looked back! It didn't take him long to find his feet firmly planted on the centre right. When he's not studying, Tom enjoys road cycling and fast cars!

Treasurer - Steven Cervini-Attfield

The Treasurer manages all of the society finances, including any membership payments and outgoings for events.

He is a third year studying Ancient History. He is a Conservative because he believes in hard work and a responsible society




Political and Campaigning Officer - Beth Vincent

The Political and Campaigning Officer (often referred to as 'Political Officer') is charged with organising all political debate events and also all campaigning sessions on and off campus. Their primary aim is to ensure that members have the chance to express their views and that conservatism is represented on campus.

Beth is a third year International Development student. She got into politics during the days of David Cameron and the coalition government. She is a Conservative because she believes in creating opportunity for everyone and not something for nothing.

Welfare Officer - Joshua Yelland

The Welfare Officer is a new addition to the Association's Executive. They are responsible for making sure that all events are safe and ensuring the well-being of all Association members.

He is a 2nd Year studying Politics and Economics, in my spare time he can be found spending his weekend in a tent looking after some Scouts or playing Badminton. Joshua is a Conservative because he believes in opportunity, pure and simple.